The full name of DSP is Digital Signal Processor, namely Digital Signal processing technology. Digital signal processing is the use of computers or special processing equipment, in the digital form of signal acquisition, transformation, filtering, valuation, enhancement, compression, identification and other processing, in order to meet the needs of people’s signal form. DSP works by taking an analog signal and converting it to a 0 or 1 digital signal. Then the digital signal is modified, deleted, and enhanced, and the digital data is interpreted back to analog data or real environment format in other system chips.

DSP chip refers to the chip that can realize digital signal processing technology. The chip of the internal structure of program and data are separated harvard, with specialized hardware multiplier, widely used in pipeline operation, provide special instructions, which can be used to quickly achieve a variety of digital signal processing algorithms, real-time running speed can reach complex instruction of article ten million of the code of every second, and far more than common microprocessors, Is an increasingly important computer chip in the digital electronic world.

The advantages of digital signal processing system:

1.High precision, strong anti-interference ability and good stability. The accuracy is only affected by quantization error, namely finite word length, high signal-to-noise ratio and little effect on device performance. It is little affected by external factors such as temperature and environment.

2.Convenient programming, easy to implement complex algorithms (including adaptive algorithms). DSP chip provides a high – speed computing platform to realize complex signal processing.

3.Programmable control, when the function and performance of the system changes, there is no need to redesign, assemble, debug. Such as the realization of different digital filtering (low pass, high pass, band pass); Radio communication in different operating modes in software radio; Filters, Spectrometers, etc. in virtual instruments.

4.The interface is simple, the electrical characteristics of the system are simple, and the data flow adopts standard protocol.

5.Convenient integration.

6.Functions that can’t be realized by analog processing: linear phase, multi-sampling rate processing, cascading, easy storage, etc.

7.Can be used for very low frequency signals.

DSP chip is widely combined into the production and development of hd usb webcam equipment, which brings great convenience for 2K webcam user.