video conference camera is so important in a meeting

As we all know, with the development of network and information technology, remote video conferencing has unknowingly played a subtle role in the entire society. In recent years, the impact of the global COVID-19 has hindered people’s travel, and the widespread use of video conferencing system can solve people’s troubles. Only need to combine today’s popular conference software to realize remote face-to-face communication and business negotiation. So, what should we pay attention to when choosing a professional conference video camera?

1. The size of the meeting room

A set of professional video conferencing equipment requires a higher cost for people. Therefore, when purchasing a video conference system, we need to consider and choose according to the size of the conference room. Since the picture quality taken by different optical zoom meeting cameras are quite different, our suggestion is: If it is a medium-sized meeting room of 30 square meters or more, generally a 12X or 20X optical zoom camera will be more suitable, while a small meeting room Generally choose 3X or 5X optical zoom ptz camera.

2.About the lens

The quality of the lens directly determines the quality of the usb video conference camera. A good ptz video conference camera is the key to providing you with high-quality and clear images. The photosensitive element of the broadcast camera can be divided into CCD and CMOS. CCD (Charge Coupled Device) is a high-end technology component used in photography and imaging, and CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) is used in products with lower image quality. Its advantage is that the manufacturing cost is relatively low. The CCD is low and the power consumption is much lower.

3.Image resolution

The resolution of the image is the ability of the live streaming camera to analyze and distinguish the image. It has a direct impact on the effect of the image. Resolution can generally be divided into two types: image resolution and video resolution, namely, the resolution when capturing static images and the resolution when capturing dynamic images. . The resolution of the usb ptz camera refers to the ability of the camera to distinguish images. The higher the video resolution, the stronger the image resolution ability. The mainstream video conference cameras all support 1080P resolution, and some even begin to introduce image processing capabilities such as AI.

4.Transmission speed and transmission interface

The transmission speed of a videoconferencing camera is generally called the frame rate-refers to the video capture capability of the sdi ptz camera. Related to the fluency of dynamic images, the mainstream market supports 30 frames/S and 60 frames/S. The stronger the video capture capability, the more coherent the video image. We also need a high-speed transmission interface to transmit the collected data. If we use an interface with less transmission bandwidth, the data will be blocked or even frame skipping. However, there will be a lot of data transmission in the actual use of conference room cameras, and users should pay attention to this point when purchasing.

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