different of cctv camera

The use of professional video conferencing system has effectively reduced the communication cost between many trans-regional and trans-national enterprises, at the same time, it can also improve the communication efficiency of both parties. Therefore, it has been concerned and welcomed by different groups of people in different industries. Surveillance cameras are widely used in schools, companies, banks, traffic, safe cities and other security fields, which are closely related to people’s daily life. So what’s the difference between the video conference cameras and the surveillance cameras?

PTZ Conference camera is an important part of the videoconferencing system terminal, video conference camera is through graphics, sound and data and other ways, so that geographically dispersed users can gather together through the video conference system to support remote real-time information exchange and sharing. The use of conference camera has greatly improved the communication quality and work efficiency of employees in enterprises. Video conferencing camera is mainly used in daily office, business meetings, network communication, enterprise training, remote consultation, remote teaching and so on.

Surveillance camera is used in security aspects of the quasi-camera, just a single video capture equipment, it does not have the function of data preservation. Surveillance cameras are mainly used for real-time monitoring, which is usually carried out without or semi-without the knowledge of the object. The lens of surveillance camera is a kind of imaging device, which has the characteristics of high sensitivity, strong light resistance, small size, long life, shock resistance and so on.

Functional aspects

The conference video camera is specially developed according to the overall lighting effect of the room and the application environment. With a good automatic focus fast zoom function, as well as support left and right up and down the lens rotation function, can be more convenient to adjust the shooting angle. Surveillance cameras, on the other hand, don’t have the same flexibility to adjust their angles as PTZ conference camera. It is usually a fixed shooting Angle, or some surveillance cameras can support left/right rotation, but it is difficult to support up/down rotation. In addition, since the video conference camera is mainly used in the conference room, it is usually equipped with a remote control (you can also use the video conference joystick controller) for easy control, so that the USB PTZ camera and preset position can be adjusted at any time. So there’s a big difference between them in this respect.


At present, most video conferencing cameras can be placed freely and moved easily, and do not need to be mounted in a characteristic position and then wired like surveillance cameras. For USB conference camera, you can prepare relevant equipment and wires in advance when you need to hold a meeting. The equipment required is usually not too much. For an online video conference, you only need to prepare PTZ video conference camera, microphone, codecs, speakerphones, and central controller in the main venue according to the situation.

Nowadays, video conferencing is no longer an advanced office system. Any device that can access the network and has the function of audio and video collection and presentation, including PC, tablet computer, mobile phone, etc., can become a video conferencing terminal. At the same time, the professional video conference system is no longer only used for teleconferencing, but widely used in education, telemedicine, healthcare, church and other fields. High-definition and multi-screen communication make the conference camera system suitable for any scene requiring video communication. So we can say that video conferencing has come of age.