5G+Smart Healthcare

The Era of 5G+ Smart Healthcare Has Arrived

5G network, the fifth generation of mobile communication network, is a professionally improved technology on the basis of 4G. 2019 was the first year that 5G networks were introduced, and since then a new network era has arrived. 5G network is not only about improving the network speed, but also about our life. With the continuous maturity and improvement of 5G technology, there will be more intelligent products and devices affecting our lives. The arrival of 5G era has also brought a lot of enlightenment and development opportunities to the smart medical industry. Typical applications include remote ultrasound, remote surgery, emergency rescue, remote teaching, remote monitoring, intelligent guidance, mobile medical care, intelligent hospital management, AI-assisted diagnosis, VR medical education and so on

5G Remote Surgery

So far, the most reported smart healthcare, is the remote surgery. In most cases, tele-surgery involves professional doctors providing remote surgical support to patients in remote areas that lack quality medical resources. However, the real-time requirement of remote surgery is relatively lagged in the picture presented to the surgeon, and the doctor’s operation will lag behind accordingly, which increases the risk of operation. The characteristics of high speed, large bandwidth and low delay of 5G effectively guarantee the stability, reliability and safety of remote surgery.

5G Emergency Rescue

5G emergency rescue is also the most practical and effective application at present. For example, through the 5G network, multi-dimensional vital sign information such as electrocardiogram, ultrasound image, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation and body temperature of patients on the ambulance can be transmitted to the hospital monitoring room in real time and high definition. Doctors in the hospital can check the patient’s condition on the ambulance through VR goggles, and remotely guide doctors in the ambulance to take appropriate first aid measures in combination with the vital sign data transmitted in real time. If the patient is in urgent need of blood transfusion, it can also contact the blood center in time so that the 5G-based drone can transport the blood to the ambulance at the fastest speed, so as to buy precious time for saving lives.

Distance Demonstration Teaching

Medical education refers to the education and training for medical and health technicians. Distance medical education and training mainly include: teaching platform based on audio, and video conferencing camera system, teaching platform based on using scenes and teaching platform based on VR and AR equipment. 5G surgical demonstration teaching refers to the teaching and training in the form of live broadcasting and recording of hospital operation-related cases, mainly aimed at medical technicians in surgical departments such as surgery department, anesthesiology department, cardiac surgery department and neurosurgery department, aiming to improve the case experience and practical level of medical staff in surgical departments.

5G Smart Healthcare & Video Conferencing System

The real-time connectivity of the 5G network, combined with the medical equipment and live stream ptz camera, enables timely consultation and treatment recommendations for the patients. In 5G wireless real time function, and under the support of high definition PTZ video conference camera equipment, even at home, the patient’s heart rate, blood glucose, blood pressure, blood oxygen index of many devices, such as acquisition, can be connected by 5G artificial intelligence algorithm or the online communication with the doctor, once patients danger signs can timely access to targeted intervention treatment. Many chronic and malignant diseases can be diagnosed and intervened in time at an early stage to avoid the huge burden of the disease on the patient’s family.   5G is a new technological revolution. With the aging of the population and the increase of chronic diseases, 5G will be fully combined and applied in the medical and health field with the help of cutting-edge technologies such as big data, Internet + and artificial intelligence, bringing a positive impact on people’s lives around the world.