How to choose a telemedicine conference camera

Currently, with the influence of COVID-19, telemedicine has been playing an increasingly important role. The rapid growth of telemedicine scale also drives the demand growth of video conference camera system. Video conferencing camera provides online communication between doctors and patients. Remote diagnosis and treatment, remote medical training, medical observation, operation teaching and so on can be realized through video camera conferences. In the future, the popularization of telemedicine will not only be the popularization of industry applications, but also closely related to personal work and social applications.

So, what important parameters should a high-quality PTZ conference camera contain?

When we purchase USB video conference camera, the first thing we see is its appearance, which depends on your personal preference. But in fact, we need to pay more attention to the parameters of PTZ video conference camera.

The key parameters are as follows: imaging equipment, effective pixels, lens specifications, optical zoom, horizontal viewing angle, signal system, short object distance, low illumination, shutter speed, image effect, power demand, and working environment requirements. The above parameters have a great influence on the use process. In fact, there are other parameters to be considered, such as white balance, auto exposure, gain, preset position, control terminal and baud rate, etc.

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