Current Development of Telemedicine 03

Telemedicine effectively meets the needs between doctors and patients

At the end of 1950s, American scholar Wittson first applied the two-way television system to medical treatment. In the same year, Jutra et al. Founded teleradiology. Since then, the United States has been constantly using communication and electronic technology for medical activities, and the word telemedicine appeared.

According to Frost& Sullivan report, the global healthcare market is becoming less focused on disease prevention as health care expenditures continue to increase, and routine care would become the mainstream of the global healthcare market. The core elements of promoting telemedicine application include professional training, including practicability in daily diagnosis and treatment, effective communication between patients and attending doctors, and evidence-based clinical guidelines for telemedicine practice. This application must meet the rigid needs of doctors and patients in many aspects, such as real-time video consultation or guidance for specialists at remote sites, including consultation and secondary diagnosis and treatment suggestions for heart disease, skin disease, mental and health management, digestive system disease, infectious disease, rheumatism and tumor, etc.

So, what is the current application of telemedicine?

1. Remote consultation and treatment

It uses various communication lines (such as ATMISDN PSTN, etc.) to provide medical services through video conferencing or other communication systems. To achieve point-to-point remote consultation, the two parties to the consultation use the network, dedicated line, telephone line and other communication methods.

At the same time, network transmission is used to manage patient medical records and network consultations. Patient data is transmitted and stored via the network. The Internet can accommodate multiple experts from different regions to conduct consultations on the same patient at the same time.

2.Remote home and community medical monitoring

Patients can measure their own accurate data, such as blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature, weight, etc., through the Internet. In addition, they also need to fill in and upload relevant data to the hospital’s web site for their own physical abnormalities, and the designated professional doctor will check it out. The data is analyzed and the information is returned to the patient receiving website after a diagnosis is made.

Telemedicine has become a hot topic today.

The practical application of telemedicine has been more and more popular by many patients in remote areas, it is a new way to relieve them of the fear and helplessness of their sudden worsening condition. Nowadays, how to choose a professional telemedicine video conference camera has become a hot topic in the medical field and people’s life.

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