What is Telemedicine?

In the past two years, people around the world have been severely affected by COVID-19, so we can know the application of telemedicine is becoming more and more important. So what is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is based on computer technology, remote sensing, telemetry, remote control technology, combined with the advantages of medical technology and advanced medical equipment in large hospitals, through remote communication technology to provide a distance of patients including diagnosis and consultation, including treatment and nursing services. It is a new type of medical activity.

At present, telemedicine technology has developed from the initial television monitoring, telephone remote diagnosis to the use of high-speed network for digital, image, voice integrated transmission, to achieve real-time voice and high-definition image communication. Since then, the professional PTZ video conference camera is becoming more and more popular and are widely used in Telemedicine applications.

So, what kind of PTZ camera can be used in telemedicine meetings?

Especial the WODWIN WIN-M57U3 USB PTZ Camera, its 20X optical zoom can give you a close up image experience, the USB3.0 interface can transport clear video and image. Full HD 1080p resolution will give you a high quality viewing of long distance picture. Use its IP port, is very easy to control in the live streaming events. If you just use the USB VIDEO CAMERA for a conference meeting, the USB2.0 Ptz camera WIN-M51U is enough for you to start with a online video conference.

As more and more specialties adopt these innovative treatment models, we believe that the goal of better patient outcomes, higher quality of care, more effective treatment, and lower cost of health care will be closer.