According to a report by Global Market Insights. The videoconferencing market surpassed US$19 million in 2019. It is expected to grow at a rate of around 19% between 2020 and 2026. While we are all familiar with the importance of video conferencing in unifying a distributed business setup. But let’s look at the Importance Of Video Conferencing PTZ Camera To The Education Industry.


1. Benefits of Video Conferencing PTZ Camera


A major challenge for students and parents is finding the right teacher for different subjects. The pandemic has made it almost impossible for students to attend classes in person. The deterioration of the quality of teaching has therefore been a serious problem. The lack of expert teaching has forced parents to make do with whatever additional help they can get their hands on without much hassle. In addition, parents find it difficult to spend time teaching their children themselves as working from home affects the work-life balance.

However, Video Conferencing PTZ Camera help to effectively address these challenges. This medium of instruction allows parents to connect with experts on the subjects they need, no matter where they are. All that needs to be done is to arrange a video conference with an expert. And take lessons from the comfort of your home. Video Conferencing PTZ Camera help the education industry by paving the way for unified collaboration.


2. Auto Tracking Camera


Interaction with the teacher is important for every student. A typical classroom setup has at least forty students. However, when the teacher is interacting with the students, what should we do when there is no way to adjust the shooting angle and position of the PTZ POE IP Camera in time? Don’t worry too much. WODWIN’s WIN-M57S Auto Tracking Camera can help you solve this dilemma. The WIN-M57S auto-tracking feature allows you to automatically track the teacher’s position and record at any time. Wherever the teacher goes, the lens of the PTZ POE IP Camera will follow. The SDI output interface ensures even greater picture stability.

Importance Of Video Conferencing PTZ Camera To The Education Industry


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