Obviously, to hold a successful Video Conference, it is not enough to depend solely on the built-in camera of the computer. Because it has many limitations. In fact, nowadays most companies use Conference Camera System including PTZ Camera, Webcam, Microphone, etc., to communicate with colleagues and customers thousands of miles away. In order to conduct meetings more efficiently. Why Not Using A Webcam to Hold A Meeting?


1.All In One Webcam


Since the era of remote working is coming. More and more businesses are connecting across the world. The idea that remote Video Conferences are reserved for high-level meetings has long since been abandoned.

WODWIN launched a three-in-one 360°omnidirectional Webcam WIN-H2K2B. It is equipped with artificial intelligence face tracking. Besides, it is built in Microphone and Micro-speaker. And it can pick up the voice range from 5 to 8 meters. Therefore, when you can talk freely via this Conference Camera in the meeting, others can catch what you say and what emotion show on your face clearly with echo cancellation function.

2.High Definition Webcam


Have you noticed that when you use a camera embedded in a laptop, the quality varies a lot? Sometimes that’s good but sometimes it is horrible. Problems arise from poor lighting, bad angle, and poor resolution or clarity. If the camera isn’t positioned just right. The user is in a dark room. There’s a bright window behind them, or there is a strong light on one side, it can be difficult for other people to see that person clearly.

But, WODWIN WIN-H2K2B can provide 2K high definition. Which means that you can see each other very clearly through the Conference System. Even multiple participants try to crowd into the same shot, it can catch everybody easily because of 94°wide angle of Webcam.

Why Not Using A Webcam to Hold A Meeting

Why Not Using A Webcam to Hold A Meeting


So, Why Not Using A Webcam to Hold A Meeting? If you are interested in such related products including Conference Camera, 4K PTZ Camera, Live Streaming Camera, Webcam, Microphone, etc., welcome to contact with WODWIN. We are professional in Video Conference Camera Solution and we can offer you the best suggestion.