Do you know how to Live Stream for House of Worship? Owing to its “plug-and-play” features and affordability, WODWIN’s Live Streaming equipment is quickly becoming a church favorite. We WODWIN have over 10 years’ professional experience in Video Conferencing and Live Streaming. Therefore, we can offer you professional advice and solutions in this trade.


1.SDI PTZ Camera for Church Live Streaming


WODWIN’s PTZ Cameras can be used for Live Streaming church events. For example, Full HD 1080P SDI PTZ Camera WIN-M57S can capture multiple directions by using the camera’s 255 presets. Many house of worship may have various focus points during a live show such as a podium, pews, and stage. With camera presets you can easily choose your set locations, call the presets and fade between multiple cameras for a professional-looking live stream.

Live Stream for House of Worship

Besides, POE Live Streaming Camera WIN-M57S is updated with auto tracking function. It is suitable for tracking the host in the church event. By the way, it has 12X and 20X optical zoom for choice. Our clients can choose one of them according to the size of the church. For small church, 2pcs PTZ Cameras is enough, while 3-4pcs cameras for bigger one will be better.


If your budget is sufficient, you can take NDI PTZ Cameras, such as WIN-M57SN, WIN-J86AN, etc.. NDI protocol can support low latency. It can provide better experience for participants.


2.4D Joystick Controller for Live Streaming House of Worship


When looking for equipment for Live Streaming Church services, the options can be overwhelming. However, Keyboard Controller WIN-JC20 is indispensable. This Controller is WODWIN’s new product, and it has real time PVW image. In addition, it can control up to 255pcs cameras and has 7 cameras shortcuts. It is very easy to operate when doing live events.

Live Stream for House of Worship

Is it easy to set up Live Streaming for House of Worship? No matter the size of your church or your budget, WODWIN can offer a complete and affordable solution according to your requirements. If you have any need, pls send your message to We can reply you soon with professional solutions.