As remote work becomes more and more common,the most important factor for us to work from home is to keep in touch with our team. How to improve home video conferencing? WODWIN home video conferencing system reduces the communication gap between people working from home. The good news is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars.

WODWIN home office video conferencing system makes you look more professional.It enables you to communicate more effectively with your team. We come up with solutions for you in 3 ways.

  1. Video equipment

If you sitting in front of the PC and not moving position. You can use the webcam WIN-DSM7 for laptops. It built-in camera, microphone and speaker.The voice pickup range to about 3 meters.The wide angle is 94 degrees.If you are an individual,The mini webcam is enough.


home office video conferencing system

home office video conferencing system


However, the UBS PTZ camera is better in terms of video quality. It’s the first choice for home video conferencing. We have the conference camera WIN-M51U and WIN-J31UB. It has a rotating PTZ so that you can see all corners of the room. They both have 3X and 10X optical zoom, which can zoom in or out the image. If you set the preset position, you can switch the lens to different people. A single USB port can output images. It can be connected to your display or computer.

  1. Sound devices

When you use your mobile phone for video conferencing, it may be enough to use the headset included with your mobile phone. But if more than one member needs to speak, it can’t pick up the surrounding sound. Therefore, it will affect the effect of the meeting. If you use our omnidirectional microphone WIN-DM1U or WIN-DM3B. Both of them can pick up the sound range up to 3 meters or more, and you can take phone calls. It is easier for video conference participants to hear your voice when you are speaking.


How to improve home video conferencing

How to improve home video conferencing

  1. Online conference software


Our cameras and microphones are compatible with free conferencing software like Zoom, Google Hangouts, TrueConf Online, FreeConference, Lifesize Go and more. With the above basic equipment, you and your team can meet at home by connecting to video conferencing software.

Finally, don’t lock your pets out of your home office. Most people love this video conference when your dog or cat makes a guest appearance.

If you want to know more about how to improve home video conferencing. Don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking on the whatsapp or skpye to the right!