Do you often watching the football games?  Football teams have a large number of fans around the world, and many of them have their own clubs. How to record football game through live streaming system? WODWIN live streaming system for basketball club is popular among many schools for its easy operation and high quality.

There are many reasons why clubs film football games, such as to improve their skills by watching other players’ difficult moves frame by frame. If you are a coach, it helps you to teach your players how to play the game.


The WODWIN live streaming system for football game includes the NDI PTZ camera WIN-M57SN and the control keyboard WIN-MK2.


Live Streaming System for Basketball Club

Live Streaming System for Basketball Club

How to Use Live Streaming System for football game?


The PTZ camera WIN-M57SN has 12X, 20X optical zoom. It makes you to clearly record and transmit the picture to a monitor or computer via the output port. The WODWIN broadcast camera has multiple outputs such as 3G-SDI, HDMI, USB and LAN ports.


Moreover, Football is a fast-paced game with lots of action. Capturing every moment is not easy, but the WODWIN NDI camera makes it easier. NDI has low latency and captures the players’ movements clearly while recording.


It also has a POE function that supports power supply. This means you don’t need a power adapter. It can be mounted on a wall, ceiling or tripod.


How to Control The Camera Remotely ?


The control keyboard WIN-MK2 has a metal casing and silicone key design. The PTZ control keyboard is designed for simple, fast and accurate control of the PTZ camera. 4D joystick can control the pan, tilt, zoom and focus of the camera.


You can interact with club members online via Facebook, Youtube, OBS and other live streaming software in the live room.


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