WODWIN is one of the leading supplier and manufacturer of audio and video conferencing products in Shenzhen, we are specializing in USB PTZ cameras, SDI and NDI series live streaming PTZ cameras,webcam cameras, omnidirectional conference microphones, PTZ joystick controllers and so on.


1.USB series PTZ cameras

The USB series PTZ cameras we have 4 different appearances for choice. First,WIN-J31UB and WIN-M51U, these 2 Cameras with one USB interface, both have 3X and 10X optical zoom, suitable for huddle or middle size meeting room.

Second,WIN-J40U is FULL HD1080P60FPS USB Cameras with 12X and 20X zoom that suitable for middle and large size conference room, this camera’s interface is USB plus HDMI.

Third, the last camera is USB3.0 PTZ camera WIN-M57U3, with HDMI, USB3.0, LAN port, the optical zoom have 12X, 20X, 30X zoom suitable for larger place such as concert, goverment meeting, telemedicine meeting.



2.SDI and NDI series PTZ camera

The SDI and NDI series PTZ camera both good for live streaming.We have 2 different appearance for choice, the WIN-J91 and WIN-M57 Series camera, both them have SDI and NDI POE version. NDI is low latency function. The optical zoom of WIN-J91 is 12X and 20X zoom, while WIN-M57 we have 12X,20X and 30X optical zoom.The interface, have HDMI,SDI,USB and IP port, also NDI and POE can add on them.They widely used in live streaming such as church, concert, live studio, events, sports also can use in conferencing, telemedicine.


3.Webcam Cameras

Webcam camera have no PTZ but they built in cameras, microphones, or speakers together, 3 in 1 or all in one, no need buy other audio products. USB connection free driver, plug and play, to quickly deploy any network cloud video conferencing via Zoom, Skype, Teams, Gofacing, WeChat, Dingtalk etc. It is compatible with operation system of Linux, Windows 7/8/10, Android, Mac OS etc,.We have Full HD 1080P also 4K Ultra HD version.Many models, we will show you in next blog in details.


4.Omnidirectional Conference Microphones

Conference microphones usually use together with PTZ video camera.

We have Bluetooth Speakerphone WIN-DM3B and USB conference Speakerphone WIN-DM1U, all of them are free driver, plug&play. Easy start your meeting anytime and anywhere.With the 3-5 meters voice pick up, and 360 all directional sound pick up.

5.PTZ Joystick Controller

WODWIN have IP and NDI PTZ keyboard controller. They all can control the camera’s pan tilt zoom and setting the menu, remote control the PTZ camera. Can shot cut control many cameras, and series connect with 50pcs cameras, while can use IP control 255pcs cameras.

WODWIN focus in the fields of audio-visual conferencing and broadcasting, We have more products and solution that can be provided to you. Do you want to know more?

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