The control protocol realizes the control of camera by writing serial data.What is VISCA protocol and PELCO protocol?


Before the emergence of a unified control protocol, the control signaling of cameras is different.


Therefore, it is necessary to encode the signal of each camera, which increases the development complexity.


Finally, Many camera’s manufacturers formulated a unified PTZ control protocol. This means that the same protocol can control the HD PTZ camera.


Almost all video conferencing PTZ cameras support the VISCA protocol. The VISCA protocol has become the most common control protocol in the field of video conferencing and surveillance.


The main parameters of the VISCA protocol are the baud rate and the instruction code. The baud rate is a device parameter when writing to the serial port. Different parameters correspond to different serial devices.


What is VISCA protocol?


The PELCO protocol is the same as the VISCA protocol, which belongs to the industry-wide pan/tilt control protocol. The PELCO protocol is divided into the PELCO-P protocol and the PELCO-D protocol.


What is VISCA protocol and PELCO protocol?


WODWIN PTZ conference camera basically support both protocols. We can flexibly choose different pan/tilt control protocols to remotely control the PTZ Video Conference Camera.