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Do you want to know the difference between CCD and CMOS?
First, they both are image sensor, CCD named Charge Coupled Device, CMOS is Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor.They widely used in Image sensors are commonly used in PTZ Cameras, webcams, mobile phones etc,.

Both CCD and CMOS are semiconductor devices, but they are different in manufacturing processes and signal readout methods. Initially, CCD technology dominated due to its excellent sensitivity and image quality, but with CMOS technological improving, it has surpassed CCD sensors in shipments since 2004.

What is the difference between CCD and CMOS image sensors?


1.CMOS data rate is faster than CCD

The CCD image sensor has an array of capacitors, and each capacitor carries a charge corresponding to the light intensity of a pixel. A control circuit causes each capacitor to transfer its content to its neighbors, while the last capacitor in the array dumps its charge into a charge amplifier. In contrast,CMOS image sensors have photodiodes and CMOS transistor switches for each pixel, allowing pixel signals to be amplified individually. By operating the switch matrix, the pixel signals can be accessed directly and sequentially, and its speed is much higher than that of a CCD sensor. Having an amplifier for each pixel also has another advantage, it reduces the noise that occurs when reading the electrical signal converted from the captured light.


2.CMOS is cheaper, more energy efficient, and can be integrated on the chip

The production cost of CMOS image sensors is lower than that of CCD image sensors because existing semiconductor manufacturing equipment can be reused for its production. Unlike CCD sensors that use high-voltage analog circuits, CMOS sensors use smaller digital circuits and use less power. In principle, there are no smears (vertical white streaks in images taken under bright light) and flowering (images such as white spots damage). Since logic circuits can be built into the chip during the manufacturing process, CMOS sensors with on-chip image processing circuits are being developed for applications such as image recognition and artificial vision, and some devices have been put into practical use.Artificial vision, and some devices are already being put to practical use.


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