WODWIN is the leading brand of the audio and video conference solution, but why WODWIN? How it comes from? WODWIN is the abbreviation of WORLD WIN.Why our company named World Win Technology (Shenzhen) Co., LTD.This comes from some stories.


Story 1:Once a time, when our boss still a sales in other company, she heard from a new foreign clients,he refused to do business with she, so she asked him why, he said he never believe in Chinese products, after talking, the reason is he bought some products from other company and he need a price which is much lower the cost, so what he received something different, looks same, but the material different, he is angry.


At that time our boss tell herself, not only for company’s reputation, but also for our Country, she will only sell high quality products.And be a honest person.Even if she misquoted the price one day which is below the cost, she will ship the original high quality products, she will not do anything that would damage the reputation of the company and our Country, which would become the criterion of her life.


Story 2:Once working in a company, during the 3 year’s never raise salary, and although she is working very hard, and do many business, but she is still very poor, and nearly all the sales resigned,but the boss become more and more rich,buy house, and famous brand car.So our boss tell herself, if one day she become the boss, she will share wealth with the staff,staff is the treasure of the company.Pay attention to employees, they can buy the houses and cars, their happiness is the most basic for the long-term development of the enterprise.


So when our company World Win establish, our boss wish all the world including the clients, staff, company all win.That’s why we named World Win Technology (Shenzhen) Co., LTD.To assure the products are high quality, to leave enough profit both for clients and company, to let staff earn enough money for happy life and work happily everyday is our company’s principle.This is “3W” culture, Client,staff,company 3 party all win, then the business can be continue and long-term.You win, we win, together win.