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Does your live streaming PTZ camera support dual streaming?When you choosing the IP PTZ camera you will find this word.So what is dual stream?What kind of technical index is it? What are the functions?


When you using the LAN port of our IP POE PTZ camera,remote network transmission is required. At this time, the network bandwidth affects the transmission quality of data and image quality. If the bandwidth is low, the remote video effect is not ideal, when you reduce the bit rate of network camera in order to realize remote video image transmition, it will affect the quality of local image.


Dual-streaming can solve such problem.It refers to the use of high-streaming for local high-definition storage, such as 1080P and 720P, on the one hand, and the use of low-streaming for network transmission on the other hand, taking into account both local storage and remote network transmission.


HD PTZ Camera product encoder will produce two encoding formats, called main stream and sub stream, called dual stream technology. Its main function is to solve the problem of local storage and network transmission image quality of surveillance video.

HD PTZ camera

1.Main stream

The main stream has an impact on the data recorded to the hard disk, and it will directly affect the recording quality. The mainstream resolution indicates the quality and image size. When you watch the live broadcast, it will be affected by your Internet bandwidth, and when users with limited Internet speed use higher settings, it will affect the quality of the picture. High-quality images will take up more storage space on the hard drive. Therefore, if you need a good live broadcast experience, you should reduce the storage space occupied.


2.Sub stream

The sub stream is an auxiliary code that runs with the main stream. The purpose of the sub-stream is to limit the output bandwidth without affecting the video quality.


Our HDMI PTZ camera can live broadcast web pages without plug-ins, and the dual stream plays a role of recording and distribution. On the one hand, the stream is taken from av camera, and on the other hand, it is distributed after the protocol is converted. The live video-on-demand streaming media server can perform live video/recording/playback. When fetching the stream, you can fetch the stream as needed, which can be the main stream or sub-stream.