video conference system

In the previous article, we talked about the advantages of government video conferencing,Government departments in most countries have begun to improve the efficiency of daily business processing by using professional audio and video.How to build a complete government conference video solution?


The common forms of government meetings are live broadcast and video conferencing, so we will provide you with two solutions


Government Affairs Live Broadcasting Solution


How can government elections be broadcast and interactive at low cost and effectively? Traditional broadcasting channels such as TV and radio usually require high advertising fees to reach target audiences. Nowadays, many officials have begun to use social software such as Facebook and YouTube to broadcast live broadcasts for online audiences. This is an economical and attractive alternative.

SDI live PTZ camera

We recommend that you choose WODWIN’s SDI live PTZ camera WIN-M57S, with HDMI, USB, IP, SDI ports, which can transmit video faster and have clearer picture quality. According to the size of your venue, You can usually choose 2pcs 12X and 1 20X zoom PTZ cameras and install them on the left and right sides of the wall of the room, and directly in front of them.


If you want to control the camera from a long distance, it is recommended to buy the PTZ control keyboard WIN-MK2, the longest control distance can reach 1000 meters, and it can control multiple PTZ cameras at the same time.


Remote meeting solutions for government departments at all levels


Through use the remote video conferencing, communication among county, city, and state officials becomes easier. In an emergency, video conferencing can be used to guide agencies to coordinate rescue work or to convey important information to citizens. Face-to-face communication can strengthen the communication between officials and the public, and increase trust and confidence in state officials.


For remote meetings, 4K PTZ camera WIN-M42K, with 1080P60fps ultra-high-definition resolution, 12X optical zoom, provides a wide field of view to shoot clear images, and has a very convenient connection interface HDMI, USB3.0, LAN you can communicate with the display device is directly connected, and the Bluetooth conference microphone WIN-DM3B can be turned on at the same time, and finally the remote conference can be carried out through software such as Zoom and Goto meeting,Youtube ect,.


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