Video conferencing is growing in popularity. And unwanted noise is particularly noticeable in such environments. Reducing echo in the conference room is important. This is because the reverberation of voice frequencies can make it particularly difficult for people joining online to listen and speak. Not to mention the listen and speak of people scattered around the room. In an important meeting, the last thing you want is unnecessary noise interference. This can affect your hearing and the clarity of your speech. A good Omnidirectional Microphones Reduce Echo In Conference.


1. Reason Of Conference Room Echoes


Meeting rooms are often not effective at managing sound. This is because they contain hard surfaces that reflect sound, such as glass, wood, metal and media screens. The shape of the meeting room space will also play a role. If two reflective surfaces are parallel to each other (e.g., the walls of a conference room). The sound waves will bounce back and forth, causing them to add up or cancel each other out. High or vaulted ceilings also increase reverberation because of the increased cubic volume. So the sound becomes more difficult to hear clearly.


2. Omnidirectional Microphone


In order to reduce echoes, reverberation needs to be kept at a comfortable level. Acoustic treatment may be part of the architectural design of your building. But if not, don’t worry, you don’t need to tear it down and start over. The only way to do this (without removing the walls, in which case it will no longer be a conference room) is to have a good Conference Microphone.

WODWIN has developed an excellent Conference Microphone for video conference rooms and other workspaces, model WIN-DM3B. State-of-the-art DSP technology allows the Omnidirectional Microphone to provide natural sound and echo reduction. The Conference Microphone has integrated HIFI audio for clear sound transmission and dynamic noise reduction (DNR). It is also a Bluetooth Microphone, with wireless Bluetooth 5.0 and USB connectivity for easier use and operation. Bluetooth Microphone pickup range can reach about 3 meters. It can meet the use of various small and medium-sized conference rooms.

Omnidirectional Microphones Reduce Echo In Conference Rooms

Omnidirectional Microphones Reduce Echo In Conference Rooms


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