The current banking scenario has completely moved away from its true form. Banking is no longer about long queues, but has transformed into banking anywhere, anytime. Banks and financial institutions around the world are relying on advanced technology to fundamentally change the way they do business. Today we’ll explore How Is Video Conferencing Changing The Global Banking Scene?


1. Benefits Of Videoconferencing In The Banking Industry


Because video conferencing support in the banking and finance sector has helped organizations win and retain more NRI and HIG customers. Most of the customers in this group do not tend to visit the bank in person. Video conferencing enablement helped the bank to appoint a relationship manager for high value customers to provide personalized assistance for banking and finance matters. Therefore, increasing the credibility of the organization. Moreover, videoconferencing has digitized the banking business without taking away the personalization chain.


2. USB Video Conference Ccamera


A recent survey conducted by EFMA, the European Banking Association, found that there is a high demand for video conferencing services from banks worldwide. This is due to the higher customer satisfaction that video conferencing brings to the banking and financial sector. At this time, a simple and easy-to-use USB Video Conference Ccamera is particularly important. The WIN-J40RU Confer Camera PTZ developed and produced by WODWIN is a Camera Conference with USB2.0 and HDMI output interface. And Confer Camera PTZ’s USB2.0 interface will be easy to use and operate. Also with 12X and 20X optical zoom available, you can choose according to the size and number of people in the conference room. This Camera Conference can be widely used in various medium and large conference rooms.

How Is Video Conferencing Changing The Global Banking Scene

How Is Video Conferencing Changing The Global Banking Scene


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