Online shopping has reached its peak in the past decade. With shopping giants such as eBay, Amazon and Flipkart trying to make shopping more convenient for customers. However, the biggest drawback of online shopping is the lack of personalized attention. A customer’s purchase decision is usually influenced by multiple factors. There are many questions that need to be answered before they can be convinced to buy a product. Video Conferencing Make Shopping Smarter.


1. The Benefits Of Video Conferencing Shopping


The shopping model of video conferencing has a greater impact on buyers, with 73% of customers reportedly more likely to make a purchase after watching a video conference explaining a product or service. Nearly 96% of consumers find that video conferencing helps them make a purchase decision. Online shopping offers customers an endless supply of things to do. However, the only way to get detailed information about an item and its uses is to refer to written documents. Most of these details are generic and there is no guarantee that they are accurate. Real-time video conferencing helps to make the shopping experience better and more satisfying for both buyers and sellers.


2. Stores Also Benefit from Video Conferencing


Video conferencing based solutions can also benefit brick and mortar stores. Stores with multiple entities need to recruit multiple customer service supervisors for each of their branches. A video-conferencing enabled customer service desk ignores requests for duplicate hires in the same job role. Customers can connect to the help desk remotely and get all the help they need. Video conferencing enabled speeds up internal communication, including inventory alerts, late consignments, etc.; thus improving sales data.

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Video Conferencing Make Shopping Smarter

Video Conferencing Make Shopping Smarter


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