PTZ Conference Camera For Live Concert Recording

Live concert recording must make full use of the space inside the stage and manage tight budgets. And hire the right human team to operate the different cameras. Below I’ll share with you the PTZ Conference Camera For Live Concert Recording.


1. The Benefits Of Using Conference Camera HD PTZ


The COVID 19 crisis has accelerated the use of Conference Camera HD PTZ. Because it can be controlled remotely without a camera operator. So according to the social distancing measures implemented and the reduction of human resources in concerts. PTZ Camera Conference can work under health and safety regulations. PTZ Camera Conference has become a real tool to rescue the multi-camera options for live recording of concerts. A single operator can remotely control multiple cameras from his desktop. Thus allowing the recording of events or live broadcasts from different perspectives without the need to be physically present.


2.NDI Camera Conference 20X


NDI Camera Conference 20X has been recognized by AV professionals for its multi-camera coverage of live concert recordings. First and foremost this is thanks to the technology the camera employs and the huge advantages it offers. Then one of the things that drove the rise and success of the NDI Camera Conference 20X in live concert recording was the stability of its image transmission. For example, WODWIN’s WIN-J86AN Camera Conference 20X has an NDI interface transmission protocol. It is a high quality, low latency IP video transmission standard that is very popular in live concert recording. Together with the 20X optical zoom of the PTZ Camera Conference. Even the largest stages and spaces can be filmed clearly. Today, the NDI Camera Conference 20X is used in a wide range of applications for live concert recording, broadcasting, church events and video communications.


At last, WODWIN has been committed to the production of research and development of PTZ Conference Camera for a variety of environments and scenarios. If you want to know more about PTZ Conference Camera For Live Concert Recording. You can contact us at