Today is lunar July.7th, which is Chinese Valentine’s Day. We also called Qixi Festival, a famous traditional day. WODWIN, which is the leading manufactuer of Video Conference Cameras, will share with you a famous love story and interesting activities.


1. The Love Story of Qixi Festival


It was said that the Queen Mother goddess’s daughter named “Zhi nü” visited the earth. She met a handsome man named “Niu lang”. They fell in love with each other soon, and they got married secretly and live a happy life.

When the Queen Mother knew that her daughter was married to a human, she was very angry and asked Zhi nü to return to the heaven.
Niu Lang tried to follow her, but the river of stars stopped him. Finding her daughter sadness, the Queen Mother finally allow the couple cross the “Milky Way” to meet once a year. Magpies make a bridge of wings so the couple can cross the river to meet on the day.


2. Interesting Activities on Qixi Festival


There will be many interesting activities on this day. In addition to lovers will give each other gifts, invites to play or watch a movie. There are different ways to celebrate in each city.

The “Seven Sisters Club” in Juancheng, Caoxian, Pingyuan and other places in Shandong is composed of seven good female companions, who eat “Bu Qiao Rice” in the simple form of making dumplings, in which a copper coin, a wooden needle, a The red dates are wrapped in three dumplings respectively, and they eat together. They say that those who eat copper coins are blessed, those who eat wooden needles are ingenious, and those who eat red dates get married early. Zhejiang folks have the custom of receiving dew on Qixi Festival, which is called “Qixi Dew”.

Legend has it that the dew on the Qixi Festival is the tears when the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl meet. It can be applied to the eyes and hands quickly. It can be seen that the custom of Qixi Festival is not simply a superstitious activity, it reflects women’s pursuit of a better life, and the commonality of various customs and activities is the pursuit of a better life.

Traditional Chinese Valentine's Day -Qixi Festival

Traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day -Qixi Festival


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