Video conferencing systems can be divided into software video conferencing, hardware video conferencing and cloud video conferencing according to the form of implementation of the function. So How To Choose The Optimized Video Conferencing Solutions when arranging a conference room takes a lot into consideration.


1. Software Video Conferencing

Software video conferencing is the installation of video software on a computer or mobile phone through the software. It is can complete the audio and video coding and decoding and network communication to achieve lower costs. But in the audio and video stability and reliability is not as good as the hardware video conferencing.


2. Cloud Video Conferencing

Cloud video conferencing provides video conferencing services by combining video conferencing technology with cloud computing technology in the form of a cloud video platform. This approach does not require the purchase of special and video conferencing software and meeting access operation is simple. However, compared to traditional hardware video conferencing. Cloud video conferencing appeared relatively late and its security and stability need to be further improved.


3. Hardware Video Conferencing

Hardware video conferencing is mainly through the professional video encoder to complete the audio and video coding and decoding or network communication functions. Which ensures higher stability and reliability. So the construction, operation and maintenance of hardware video conferencing system, relatively speaking, is also more expensive. However, for many larger enterprises that focus on meeting quality and security. Hardware video conferencing systems will greatly improve the stability of video conferencing and will be a better choice for these types of enterprises.


4. Conclusion

In short, the above three video conferencing solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. Software video conferencing and cloud video conferencing comes with lower costs and convenient, but its transmission stability and security, transmission quality in many cases is not enough to support some large-scale formal meeting scenarios. While the hardware video conferencing system, usually in the equipment, costs slightly higher, but it can meet more high-quality video conferencing needs.

Therefore, it is fairly essential to understand how to select the hardware video conferencing,especially for the most important part, which is conference camera. WIN-M42K 4K Ultra HD PTZ Camera is an exquisite camera of fine workmanship that is equipped with 4K lens. It comes with 5X or 12X optical zoom that can present a clear image without distortion on the targeted screen. In addition,the upgraded USB3.0 on it, —normally USB2.0 in the market –eliminate the slow-transmission problem. And it’s black and modern surface can match most of conference room and offer exclusive decoration function.

How To Choose The Optimized Video Conferencing Solutions

How To Choose The Optimized Video Conferencing Solutions


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