WODWIN New NDI Video Switcher for Live Streaming is new coming. There are lots of video switchers in the market. But WODWIN’s is not only a Switcher but also integrated with audio Mixer and PTZ Camera Controller. And it with latest NDI|HX2 protocol.

WIN-JK30S NDI Video Switcher is with 10.1-inch touch screen makes operation easier and more convenient. This Video Mixer Switcher features 8-channel PGM and 8-channel PVW, RTMP recording.


New NDI Video Switcher for Live Streaming

New NDI Video Switcher for Live Streaming


1.Integration of Live Control

Supporting fine control of the camera during live video, simplifying the live broadcast equipment and making it easier to build the live broadcast environment.


2.Multi-channel Input and Output

Up to 8 channels of 1080p60 video input, with an IP camera, you can start your live broadcast with only one network cable.


3.Support Multi-protocol

Support the access and output of video via the methods of network, HDMI or local file, support mainstream live streaming protocol, NDI|HX2 optional.


4.Integrated Mixer

Support 4-channel mixer, support multiple audio input and output methods.


5.Multiple Operation Methods

Control the live broadcast efficiently through the touch screen, buttons and other methods. So that the live broadcast is under your control at any time.


6.Various Transition Effects

Support for multiple transition special effects such as fade in and fade out.


7.Custom Overlay Content

Support custom subtitle overlay and logo overlay.


8.Use in Variety Scenarios

Video Switcher Broadcast can be used in a variety of scenarios. Such as: churches, conference rooms, classrooms, concerts, sports, home theaters, etc.


New NDI Video Switcher for Live Streaming is usually used with a PTZ camera. If you need an additional PTZ camera. WODWIN can also recommend some good PTZ cameras at a good price. If you are interested in this Video Mixer Switcher, you can contact us at sales@wodwins.com. WODWIN is a leading manufacturer of audio-visual equipment and will continue to design and produce more and more high quality audio-visual equipment. OEM and ODM are welcome.