WODWIN Video Streaming Switcher, model WIN-JK31S, which can simplify the operation of the live broadcast equipment. It’s easier to set up a live streaming environment. If it is used with a PTZ camera with IP. You can start live streaming with a single network cable. A single Video Matrix Switcher can simplify the operation requirements of the entire live broadcast. All-in-one design console can support a variety of protocols, a variety of audio input and output and a variety of input and output interfaces.

WODWIN Video Streaming Switcher

WODWIN Video Streaming Switcher


Detailed information about WIN-JK31S Video Streaming Switcher is as follows:


1. Integrated Design

Switcher Mixer Video has a touch screen + button operation panel. Support for fine control of PTZ cameras during live video streaming.


2. Can Support Multiple Protocols

Video Matrix Switcher supports access and output video through the network, HDMI or local files, supporting the mainstream live streaming protocols.


3. Can Support Multiple Audio Input and Output

Video Streaming Switcher support 1 way mixer, support a variety of audio input and output.


4. Multiple Input and Output Interfaces

Switcher Mixer Video supports up to 8 channels of 1080p60fps video input.


WODWIN Video Streaming Switcher is a new upgraded Switcher Mixer Video. Using the video matrix switcher can save you a lot of time and equipment costs. WODWIN is a leading manufacturer in the audiovisual equipment industry. If you are interested in this product, you can contact us at sales@wodwins.com. OEM and ODM are welcome.