WODWIN is the brand of World Win Technology (Shenzhen) Co., LTD , which is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of audio and video conferencing products in China. We specialize in Live Streaming SDI PTZ Camera, 4K PTZ Camera, Webcam, Microphone, Controller, etc.. Here we want to share a kind of Mini Size 4K Webcam WIN-J20AK with you.

1.USB Connection of 4K Webcam

WIN-J20AK Video Soundbar Camera is a new product of WODWIN. It is equipped with USB3.0 to Type-C ports, which means that you can connect with PC very easily. In addition, it is the USB 3.0 that can transmit videos and images faster than USB 2.0 when you hold a online meeting via PC.



2.Auto Framing of 4K Webcam

The professional 4K Webcam WIN-J20AK comes with a 4K Ultra HD Camera and two built-in Microphones. Besides, it has auto framing and beauty mode function, which can make your portrait images more beautiful. Equipped with a five-meter pickup distance, it’s enough to hold a small meeting of 2-5 people.



In a word, if you’re a streamer, meanwhile, having one of the best 4K webcam is a must, as 4K is already supported by both Twitch and YouTube. And with streaming being so competitive right now, this will certainly help you stand out from rivals. Moreover, during the epidemic, Webcam is becoming popular to hold an online meeting owing to its convenience and low cost.

Now do you have a clear idea about The Mini Size 4K Webcam from WODWIN? Any confuse, don’t hesitate to leave your message to WODWIN via email sales@wodwins.com.