Which PTZ Cameras Are Best for Education

Due to the back and forth of the epidemic, there has been a heated debate recently about what kind of PTZ Cameras Are Best for Education. There is no doubt that the desire to learn is everlasting. In this article, WODWIN, who has mored than 10 years’ expereience in AV related products including Live Streaming SDI PTZ Camera, Broadcasting PTZ Camera, Webcam, Controller, etc., will introduce suitable and professional products for education to you.

Well, no matter small size classrooms or large size leture halls, we also can offer you suitable products. Here we show you as following:

1. WIN-MT10 PTZ Camera for Education

WIN-MT10 is a kind of Auto Tracking PTZ camera, which can track lecturers and students accurately and quickly. Besides, this camera suport Full HD1080P 60FPS, which means that it can display the video or image much clear. It offer 12X and 20X optical zoom for choice. Therefore, even if we are from thousands of miles away, Auto Tracking Camera WIN-MT10 can create the experience of sitting in the same room for the teachers and students. It is very suitable for distance learning.


Which PTZ Cameras Are Best for Education


2. WIN-J40AU USB PTZ Camera for Education

The Video Conference Camera WIN-J40AU plays a vital role in online learning. Equipped with USB2.0 and HDMI port, the camera is easy to play and plug, whose simple connectivity makes our cloud classroom deployment and use of devices such as cameras a breeze. What’s more, this camera provides a clear Full HD 1080p image quality, so that our students can watch the image and video to avoid missing some key points.


Which PTZ Cameras Are Best for Education


These Live Streaming PTZ Cameras are Best for Education. If you still have concerns, welcome to contact with WODWIN via email: sales@wodwins.com. WODWIN is a leading manufacturer in AV industry and they will offer you suitable products and solutions.