Which Camera Can Be Used with Tel-medical Cart


The Tel-medical carts is becoming more common as medical needs change. The recent popularity of PTZ Cameras and Webcams is no longer limited to business video conferencing, live broadcasting, etc. They are also suitable for tel-medical carts. So Which Camera Can Be Used with A Tel-medical Cart?

Here we will introduce a new All-in-one 4K Eptz Webcam WIN-JV30U3, which is a good partner of medical carts.

1. What is theTel-medical Cart

The tel-medical Cart is a mobile platform that enables healthcare physicians to connect with patients at any time and from any location. In addition, it can be connected to our Video Soundbar for directly remote checking and communication with the patient’s condition.

2. 4K Video Soundbar for Tel-medical Cart

WIN-JV30U3 is a kind of Ultra HD 4K resolution Video Conference Camera. It provides 8.51MP, which means that images and videos can be transmitted much clearer while the doctor is checking the situations of the patient, such as degree of wound healing.

In addition, WIN-JV30U3 is featured with Auto Framing and Voice Tracking function. It is different with other camera, it built-in Camera, Speaker, and microphone together. For example, when you use this All-in-one 4K Video Conference Camera, participants can be detected when they enter or leave the judgment area. If you are alone in the room, the auto framing function will keep the camera focusing on you, and follow you once you change your position to keep you in the center of the frame. To some Extent, it can help doctor to communicate with patient better.


Which Camera Can Be Used with Tel-medical Cart


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