The advent of the live video shopping era is changing the traditional way of shopping. Live video shopping not only bridges the gap between the traditional shopping experience and the modern shopping experience. Also offers customers the leisure experience of virtual shopping via video conferencing. Significant time and travel expenses are saved. This is an exciting new trend happening in the world of e-commerce, called real-time commerce. Come along today to learn more about Video Conferencing Solutions For Retail Live Streaming.


1. Live Retail Video Shopping


Because, video conferencing solution for the live retail industry facilitates a more structured and convenient form of video interaction between retailers and their customers. Also incorporates an organised form of collaboration between your drivers, suppliers, warehouse managers and shops. PTZ Live Streaming Camera eliminates the communication divide between departments. In addition, improvements to retail supply chain management systems reduce waste. Thus reducing the organisational pressure on purchasing and supply chain managers. So, using the Best Stream Camera can be engaging. Immersive and a great experience for the viewer.

According to data from Web Hosting Secret Revealed. The e-commerce sector accounts for more than 13% of all retail revenues in 2019. Live shopping strengthens its positioning among existing customers and attracts new ones. Especially young people who are keen on innovative shopping formats and experiences.


2. 4K Streaming Camera


First, combining interactive video collaboration with instant purchases is a big deal. Proof that it is possible to create a fantastic shopping environment for buyers in the comfort of their own home or anywhere else. Then WODWIN’s WIN-J40RK+DM3B Best Stream Camera video conferencing solution is well placed to help e-commerce, brands and businesses showcase their wares live in a video conference.

WIN-J40RK PTZ Live Streaming Camera features a 4K UHD quality SONY 1/2.8 STARVIS CMOS sensor. Can provide shoppers with ultra-high definition video footage and a face-to-face virtual shopping experience. WIN-DM3B Omnidirectional Microphone with DSP echo cancellation and HD HIFI sound function. It blocks out all surrounding noise below 50dB. Allowing your voice to be transmitted more clearly to your audience. Clear and complete product descriptions are presented to help purchasers make better and faster decisions.


Video Conferencing Solutions For Retail Live Streaming

Video Conferencing Solutions For Retail Live Streaming


With WODWIN’s 4K Streaming Camera video conferencing solution. You can create an exciting and personalised shopping experience for your customers. If you would like to find out more about Video Conferencing Solutions For Retail Live Streaming. You can contact me at