WODWIN Video Conference for Connecting Courts and Prison Studio

WODWIN Video Conference for Connecting Courts. During the COVID-19 period. When most travel was prohibited and some judicial institutions were closed for security purposes. The use of Video Conference can provide fast and timely communication support on the judicial side. Benefit from the Video Conference technology now available.


1. Virtual Courtroom


First of all, virtual courtroom is a concept. Designed to bring litigants, attorneys trial together for discussion and hearing without the need to physically visit the court building. But rather enter the virtual courtroom via Video Conference. The concept allows for efficient use of court resources and provides litigants with an effective means of resolving disputes. Secondly, the virtual courtroom is managed by the judge via Video Conference. Evidence will be presented through digital tools such as Document Visualizer. A large number of senior lawyers, general counsel and police officers have quickly adapted to this new norm. In fact, they can now conduct virtual courtrooms from their home offices.


2. Video Conference


Video Conference allows witnesses, defendants, attorneys and judges to participate in hearings from their convenient location without having to travel to a designated court venue. Sick inmates who are not fit to travel can also use Video Conference to present in court. With WODWIN’s WIN-J40RK 4K Conference Room Camera. It makes Video Conference easy and seamless. 4K UHD Video Conference Camera has a 72.5° wide viewing angle. Allowing for a wider view during Video Conference. 4K Confer Camera’s USB3.0 + HDMI + LAN ports can all output 4K UHD video footage. Video Conference connects prisoners, attorneys, justice and petitioners from virtually anywhere. This brings a more convenient way for the judiciary to work.


WODWIN is achieving smooth implementation and easy setup of Virtual Courtrooms. To make virtual courtroom hearings a success and allow access to the judiciary from any location. If you would like to know more about WODWIN Video Conference for Connecting Courts. You can contact me at sales@wodwins.com.