With the continuous progress of technological development. More and more businesses are relying on Internet platforms to move events and meetings online. It including some large project such as the government meeting projects, concert, classroom, telemedicine and so on. Usually these place are large. So, what is the best conference system for this large room?

1.PTZ Conference Camera

Traditional cameras can only monitor a certain area. If you increase the surveillance area by expanding the camera’s field of view, the resolution of the camera will be smaller than before. So, the professional video conference camera with pan tilt zoom will helps a lots. With the increasing demand for different usage scenarios, many conference camera manufacturers have launched corresponding products. For example, WODWIN’s WIN-J86AS PTZ conference camera supports up to Full HD 1080P60/50FPS resolution. It has 20X optical zoom. The horizontal pan can reach 355°, and the vertical tilt can reach 120°. It can meet the monitoring of different angles and distances in various large room.

What Is The Best Conference System For Large Room

What Is The Best Conference System For Large Room

2.4K Video Conference Camera

4K is an Ultra HD resolution. It can see every detail and every close-up in the video picture. 4K resolution video is colorful and accurate, more realistic. For events and meetings in large room, we recommend that you choose a 4K video conferencing camera. WODWIN’s WIN-M42K 4K PTZ conference camera, built-in high-quality 4K SONY CMOS sensor, 8.51 megapixels, resolution up to 4K60FPS. This 4K PTZ conference camera is available with 12X optical zoom and the newly launched 20X optical zoom. It can fully meet the live broadcast needs of events and conferences in large rooms.


Today I only shared the conference camera with you. About other products of the conference system such as conference speaker, we will share with you in the next article. Do you want to learn more what is the best conference system for large room? You can email us at sales@wodwins.com for fast full solution.