What is the difference between HDMI and SDI? We offten use TV sets, Computers, Video Conference Cameras, Live Broadcast Equipment, etc. All these device have interfaces need cable. You all know about the HDMI interface. However, we may not use the SDI interface very often. Then What’s the difference between the SDI interface and the HDMI interface on Live broadcast and live streaming?

Difference between HDMI and SDI

Difference between HDMI and SDI

  1. SDI and HDMI are Different Interfaces.

HDMI full name is “High Definition Multimedia” is a fully digital video and sound transmission interface. HDMI can transmit uncompressed audio and video signals. While SDI full name is “Series Digital Interface” . It is a high-definition digital component serial interface. HD-SDI is a real-time uncompressed high-definition radio and television video camera.


  1. The Principle of SDI and HDMI is Different.

HDMI supports uncompressed 8-channel digital audio transmission and any compressed audio stream such as Dolby Digital or DTS. It also supports 8-channel 1bit DSD signals used by SACD. SDI is a high-definition real-time transmission of uncompressed digital video through 75 ohm coaxial cable based on SMPTE (Association of motion picture and Television Engineers) serial link standard.


  1. Different Characteristics.

Both HDMI and UDI without audio transmission function inherit the core technology of DVI – “transmission of minimum differential signal” TMDs, which is still an extension of DVI in essence. SDI: unlike IP monitoring, which transmits video signals through the network after compression and packaging, it transmits high-speed uncompressed digital signals on the coaxial cable, and the original images will not be distorted.


  1. The Transmission Distance is Different

HDMI signol transmission is within 25 meters. If requires an expensive HDMI extension system if need use in large place. While SDI is support over 100-300meters.That is why many people buy the SDI PTZ Camera for live streaming. WODWIN WIN-J91AF is with SDI, LAN, HDMI,USB3.0 interface, suitable for different live broadcasting scene.



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