How do I set up a video conference room

Every company has it’s own conference room. How do I set up a video conference room? Especially after we know how video conference is very important nowadays to save cost and more efficiency. Which equipment we should buy and install? WODWIN, the professional leading supplier of audio and video products will share with you as below.


  1. Displayer or PC


When setting up a conference room for a video conference, the size of the room is very import because it will effect which display you choose? You need TV monitor or projector or only PC.

Such as you use by your own, you can use PC. But most of company have over 5 people, so you need buy displayer.  Accommodating 8 to 10 people usually requires a room size of at least 16 feet, even larger if you still need to maintain social distance. In these cases, you should use a video conferencing system with a monitor with a distance of at least 8 feet (96 inches) between the corners of the monitor. Smaller group meeting rooms can use a 60 inch screen size. Panel room: 42 “to 50” screens, Meeting room or conference room: 50 “to 96” screens LED Display.But considering the cost, for display size larger than 60 inches, it is worth considering using projectors instead.


  1. Audio – Speakers and Microphones

Then you need Audio products to pick up sound. Speakers and microphones are important components of video conferencing. For small or middle size room actually you can choose the newest Video Soundbar which integrated with the camera, microphone and speaker together to save money. For more large room, you can buy the bluetooth or wireless Omni-directional microphone which built in microphone and speakerphone with 5-10 meters voice pick up. Because if you require multiple normal standard old version microphones and speakers, it is hard to install and cost too much.WIN-DM3B is the new  360 ° covered microphone, it support DSP and DNR echo cancellation. The correct audio settings will reduce echo, feedback and other noise and improve participants’ virtual conference experience.


  1. Camera for Video Conference Room


Your meeting room camera can be a simple webcam for a small meeting room or a more complex PTZ camera for a large meeting room.


In small meeting rooms, tables and chairs are usually close to the video display, so they are also close to the camera. Such as WODWIN WIN-H2K2B is 2K AI Face tracking with 94 degree view angle, WIN-M40U3 is 4K Auto framing soundbar with 120 degree angle, 6 meters voice pick up, which is equipped with 360 degree camera, built-in speaker and omnidirectional microphone.

What is the latest soundbar

For middle or large conference room. Use WODWIN WIN-J31UB, WIN-J40RU are 2 PTZ Camera with USB interface, 3X,10X,12X,20X optical zoom for choice, so that all participate sit in different position, can set preset and make close image.These kinds of video conference cameras will let you have super face to face meeting experience feel.


The last step in designing the video conference system in the conference room is to select the video conference supplier. WODWIN has rich experience working with a lots of enterprises. We are willing to offer you free and professional suggestion on How do I set up a video conference room?Welcome to send us inquiry, email to