The Top 5 PTZ Video Conference Camera

What is the Top 5 PTZ Video Conference Camera in 2022? WODWIN, which full company name is World Win Technology (ShenZhen) Co.,LTD. We are a good China supplier of the Video Conference Cameras.We have various kinds of HD cameras, and lots of them are PTZ cameras. PTZ Cameras are with pan tilt zoom. How to choose the Top PTZ Conference Cameras? Here introduce 5 Best PTZ Cameras.

5 Best PTZ Cameras — How to Choose the Top Model?



From this file you will easy to find that these Video Conference Cameras are with different color such as black, and grey color, and with different shape and appearance.

  1. USB PTZ Camera WIN-M51U

WIN-M51U is black color with USB2.0 interface, HD1080P resolution. It has different optical zoom, one is 3X 110 degree wide view angle, the other is 10X optical zoom for middle size meeting room. This Conference camera is suitable for small or huddle size meeting room. It is good for live broadcasting streaming, video conferencing, online training, education and so on.

  1. WIN-J40RKWODWIN 4K PTZ Camera

WIN-J40RK is 4K ultra HD PTZ camera with 12X optical zoom, 72.5 degree wide view angle, it is 8.5 megapixels. This 4K camera is HDMI, USB3.0, Lan port. It is widely used in Government meeting, tele-medicine, bank and many middle or large space which need super high quality image.

Best 4K Ultra HD PTZ Camera for Video Conference

Best 4K Ultra HD PTZ Camera for Video Conference


WIN-J91AF is HD 1080P60FPS PTZ Camera sdi type, with HDMI, USB3.0, LAN, SDI port, POE built in.20X optical zoom is for large size room. This 20X PTZ Camera is good for live streaming and broadcasting for Events, TV studios, Concerts, Church, Sports and so on.


  1. WIN-M57SN NDI PTZ Camera


WIN-M57SN is hotselling NDI PTZ Camera with 12X or 20X Zoom, HD quality image.The interface is SDI,HDMI,USB3.0,IP POE and NDI interface.The NDI is low latency, it is suitable for Concerts, Church, Sports live steaming and live broadcasting.

  1. WIN-J86AS SDI PTZ Camera 

WODWIN WIN-J86AS is new coming HD SDI PTZ Camera in 2022. Super high quality live streaming camera with 20X optical zoom, this same shape we have 4K and 1080P resolution, the pan is 355 degree, tilt is 120 degree.Multi video output with USB3.0, LAN, SDI, HDMI and POE.


They are the Top 5 PTZ Video Conference Camera in WODWIN, and Which one is the best camera? This depends on the place you use, how large is your conference room, and which device you need to connect?What is your budget?The best one is the one which is most competitive and best one for your room space. For professional advice, welcome to send us message or email, we will offer more suggestion and best price.