According to recent research, 4K PTZ Camera is the new trend.Especially with Auto Tracking function. Most 4K Video Conference Camera in the market label in 4K resolution. However when you get the goods, you will find its resolution is only 1080p, not up to 4K. Today, I will show a real 4K Camera. It is WODWIN Newest 4K AI Voice Tracking PTZ Camera WIN-M49K.

1.4K PTZ Camera with Voice Tracking

WIN-M49K PTZ Conference Camera is launched by WODWIN recently. It has Voice Tracking function, which means that it can track the speaker in the real time in the room. What’s more, its Voice Tracking range is up to 6 meters because it is built in 6 Microphones Arrays.

WODWIN Newest 4K AI Auto Tracking PTZ Camera

2.4K PTZ Camera With Auto Framing

Newest 4K PTZ Camera WIN-M49K has 8.5 MP high quality Sony CMOS image sensor. The maximum resolution can reach 4K (3840×2160). In addition, the 4K output frame rate reach up to 30 frames per second. This PTZ Camera WIN-M49K is smart intelligent camera with Auto Framing Function. It means that when people move or enter into the space, it will automatically adjust the participants at the center of the screen.

WODWIN Newest 4K AI Auto Tracking PTZ Camera

What a wonderful 4K AI Auto Tracking PTZ Camera. WODWIN is a leading manufacturer about AV products in China for more than 10 years. We have strict inspection to assure the quality. We have high and low temperature machine, aging test room, 3 inspection lines in our factory. Besides, each product will be tested at least 3 times. Any need, welcome to leave your message to WODWIN via email: