What Kind Of Cameras Do I Need For Microsoft Teams? That’s probably one of the most disturbing things when using Video Conferencing Software like Microsoft Teams to prepare a video conference.

Microsoft Teams is an intelligent chat-based team collaboration tool. That allows simultaneous document sharing and provides members with instant messaging tools including voice and video conferencing. There are three things that you need to look out for when you decide what kind of camera do I need for Microsoft Teams.


1.The Scale Of Conference Meeting


First, camera purchases must be demand-driven. Then according to the size of the video conference venue. Different optical zoom PTZ Camera has a great difference in capturing image. In general, conference room more than 40 square meters generally choose the digital zoom camera with 3 times or 10 times, while small meeting venues generally choose fixed-focus camera except for special needs.


2.Compatibility Of Video Conference Cameras


General enterprise conference system, at the time of upgrading, will introduce new communication hardware equipment, such as new terminals, central control, etc., so the camera compatibility requirements are higher.


3.Resolution Of The Conferencing Camera


The resolution of the camera refers to the camera’s ability to distinguish images. Because the video resolution is higher. So, the image analysis ability is stronger. The mainstream Video Conferencing Cameras support 1080P resolution, and some even begin to introduce 4K resolution cameras.


4.Transmission Speed Of The PTZ Camera Conference


Transmission speed refers to the camera’s video capture capability, which is related to the smoothness of the dynamic image. The general market mainstream support 30 fps and 60 fps, the stronger the video capture capability, the more coherent the video image.

WIN-M57SN can meets all the complicated needs below. There are two optical zoom 12x and 20x for you to choose. In addition its interfaces include NDI, SDI, HDMI, LAN, USB3.0, which can solve the signal delay problem smoothly. And the 1920*1080 resolution can present a clear image for you.

What Kind Of Cameras Do I Need For Microsoft Teams

What Kind Of Cameras Do I Need For Microsoft Teams

Trouble like What Kind Of Cameras Do I Need For Microsoft Teams should not exist in your mind after you take all this into consideration, especially you have already known the WIN-M57SN can be a excellent for you. If you want to know more, you are welcome to contact us at sales@wodwins.com.